In this video I am cleaning my home office! I sped up the process so you can come along with me to hopefully get some of that cleaning motivation for yourself. My office was a disaster after Christmas! It was the “hub” of all Christmas gifts and wrapping, houses all of our paperwork, is where I do anything administrative or youtube related, and was completely neglected during Christmas and new years! So now that it’s a new year, it’s time to get my life back on track by getting my office cleaned up as well as rearranged. Tell me your thoughts on the new arrangement once you see it! I feel like when something becomes so messy in my life like my office, when I finally clean and organize it I’m getting my life together. It feels so good to have a clean office with all the paperwork under control and a new layout I love! If you like this let me know and follow me on instagram @basilchic since I post stuff like this in my insta stories all the time! Until then happy cleaning!

Thanks for watching!