How to organize your pots and pans for some kitchen organization ideas! This also includes a way to organize your pot lids. This organizational system may also be a great way to create extra space in your kitchen cabinets. It really allowed me to clear my counter tops with the extra space I gained…. Continue Reading


Makeup Organization FULL VERSION

This is the full long version of how I organized all my makeup and skincare items in acrylic storage containers I got from The Container Store #NotSponsored haha!  I enjoyed putting this together and especially love how my skincare turned out since before it was scattered everywhere throughout my bathroom vanity. In the video you… Continue Reading



In this video I am cleaning my home office! I sped up the process so you can come along with me to hopefully get some of that cleaning motivation for yourself. My office was a disaster after Christmas! It was the “hub” of all Christmas gifts and wrapping, houses all of our paperwork, is where… Continue Reading


Christmas Cleanup storage and organization

Welcome 2018!! As much as I love Christmas I think I love cleaning up after Christmas just as much! There is something about getting everything all put away and cleaned up that makes me feel so good! I guess it represents a clean and fresh start to the new year. In this video you will… Continue Reading


I have to evacuate, now what? – 11 Evacuation Tips

We came back from a weekend vacation and immediately found out a major category 5 Hurricane was headed directly for us. We decided to put up shutters, secure our house and lawn, pack, stocked up on non-perishables, make travel plans,  clean and evacuate all within 48 hours! We have always stayed for hurricanes in the… Continue Reading


Easy File Organization

  Who likes paperwork… no one!! Even those of us who enjoy organizing. However, I found a system that is not expensive and actually works! Check out Freedom Filers, it’s brilliant and really helped me for what I struggled with most. I didn’t know what to keep, get rid of, or how to categorize certain… Continue Reading


Easy Camera Equipment Organization!

    Camera equipment can be so hard to organize. One reason for me being camera gear isn’t very pretty, but it’s a necessity for what I do. I wanted something in my office that was nice to look at and functional; some container store products really helped me achieve that! I went with light… Continue Reading


Desk Drawer Organization

I was so happy to get a desk with lots of storage and drawers, because I knew it would help keep me and my desk much more organized! My desk before this one was beautiful, but it had only one small top drawer. It was wonderful in theory, but ended up not being functional. I… Continue Reading

Home Decor

Welcome to Basilchic!

Welcome to the first Blog post of Basilchic! I’m so excited to have a place where I can share my organizing and home decor videos with you, with plenty of room to grow! This all really began right after college when I married my husband Mike and moved into our house. I learned so much… Continue Reading