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I have found so many great summer staples lately! So I polled you on Instagram to see if you want a Summer Wardrobe Favorites post, and I got an overwhelming yes!! I have it separated by Anthropologie and Lilly Pulitzer. Both different, but both fully me, and both really great quality! I am not opposed to really affordable fashion, but I got tired of my clothes not lasting for more than one or two washes. It’s much more important that my clothes fit well, and are made of materials that help keep me cool in the Florida heat and humidity. Linen and cotton have been my best friends this season, so you will see a lot of that in this post. Sit back with an iced tea enjoy the weekend and some online shopping!

My Lilly Pulitzer Picks!

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My Anthropologie picks!

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I hope this helped and saved you hours of scrolling the internet for the best things.  If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@basilchic) I would love to have you there! It’s my “hub of communication” with you!


2 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Wardrobe Essentials!”

  • Love these choices Stephanie. I bought a couple of items from Anthropologie before heading back to the UK. The strange thing is that I’ve never bought from them in the UK always in the USA!

    • Thank you Karen!! Our taste is so similar I love it! I have places like that where we have them here, but I only shop them on vacation haha! ~Stephanie

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