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Home Office Design – Office Decor Ideas (Part 1 of 4 in Office Organization Series)

I have been working hard for months on my home office set up, decor, and organization. And today I am finally sharing the makeover! This will strictly be all about the design, but I will be doing videos on the drawer organization, files, and video equipment.

Since you are reading my blog I can share with you some extras that you won’t hear in the video, and that is how I arrived at the design, because it was interesting… I decided to push all inspiration out of my head and even stopped going on Pinterest! I thought about the feel I was going for and I knew I didn’t want something “Pinterest Perfect”. I saw darker walls, antique touches, and lots of storage. Something warm, cozy, but not cluttered. A vision entered my mind and the decor of my office was born!

So settle in because I will be giving you some of my best design tips and ideas on this tour for a beautiful home office! Let me know your thoughts or any home office tips below, I would love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Home Office Design – Office Decor Ideas (Part 1 of 4 in Office Organization Series)”

  • Yay!! I’m so glad you have a blog now. Love following you on Instagram. One of my favorites thus far. The camera loves you. Congrats girlie.😍💗

    • Hey!!! Oh wow I just saw this comment! Apparently I don’t get an email when I receive a new comment! Still learning this whole blog thing, thanks for your patients! How wonderful and sweet is this comment!! Thank you so much! This totally made my day! In the future I really want to post more here! Thanks for the support! ~Stephanie

    • I don’t think I ever responded to this sweet sweet comment!!! Thank you so much!!! I apologize, and really really appreciate your support!!!

  • Hey Stephanie, your home office looks almost inviting! I’d be excited to head to work every day! Loved that you wrote “cozy, but not cluttered”… that’s me really… I like my workspace to be minimalistic and organized.

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