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I was so happy to get a desk with lots of storage and drawers, because I knew it would help keep me and my desk much more organized! My desk before this one was beautiful, but it had only one small top drawer. It was wonderful in theory, but ended up not being functional.

I don’t think I explained this in my last blog post, but I decided to redesign my office because it was no longer working for me. I put my office together after we got married, and since then my needs have really changed. For instance, now I’m a YouTuber! I had video and camera equipment everywhere, many things didn’t have a home, and it was becoming a catch all room. I knew I need to redo my office and gain more storage!

After I purged, I made piles of like items together, camera equipment in one pile, craft supplies in another, and so on. From there I decided on a desk. I decided to put all my craft items, office supples, files, and mailing in my drawers. Below is the video on what I did to organize them. I hope you enjoy these desk organization ideas and tips and come back for the other videos in this series.


2 thoughts on “Desk Drawer Organization”

  • I learned so much from this video! The number one thing I learned is this…I HAVE WAYYYYYYY TOOOOOOO MUCH STUFF!!! 😂 This has inspired me to PURGE! I almost wish I could video my mess that I have already worked on to reorganize TWICE and attempting to do a 3rd and FINAL time. Sigh. Wanna visit Central FL?? You might have a heart attack at the stuff I have managed to collect. I think this video has taught me how to get everything into piles based on like items and ONLY KEEP WHAT I ACTUAL USE AND NEED, rather than keep hanging on to things I MIGHT use in the future. We shall see if this sticks once I get in there and begin to gather it all in one place. Thanks so much.

    • Cara you are too funny!!! I thought the same thing when I first started to go through my items, and I was determined that I only needed to keep what I needed, used, and loved! It did take about 2-3 rounds of decluttering to come to terms, but I’m so happy I did! I even plan on going through everything in about 6 months! I would take a trip to central FL, but between everything happening with the family and my grandparents… you get it. But one day if I can I will let you know! That would be so fun! Just be no nonsense and ruthless with yourself haha, and start small… one drawer at a time!

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