This video is all about Christmas tree and ornament storage and organization. I show you how and where I store and organize all my ornaments and Christmas Tree! All the storage items and Christmas tree bag I used will be linked below! Christmas tree storage can be tricky, but seeing how someone else organizes and stores theirs really helps, so I hope you find this video helpful and motivational. I don’t use any special bins as Christmas ornament storage containers, but I do have a few tips and tricks on storing ornaments. Now that Christmas clean up and decor storage is fully underway, this video will help keep you on track and give you some good ideas!

Happy New Year!

LINKS For Christmas Tree Bags:

**Unfortunately My bag has sold out, but I found 2 just like it but different brands linked below**

Alternative Bag #1 –

Alternative Bag #2 –

Same One I have Without Wheels –

Doesn’t have wheels or straps, but is a good durable bag –

Gallon Zip Lock Bags:

Jumbo zip lock bags:


Bubble wrap: